Zelenchukskaya HPP

The open joint stock company «Bureyagesstroy» will construct the third generating unit and  it means finishing of the diversion unit construction along the Bolshoj Zelenchuk River. This process allows to increase the total water intake in the diversion system this HPP from the left tributories of the river Kuban (from 35 m³/second till 80 m³/second) and the averege annual electricity generation level of two active generating units ¹1 and ¹2 (from 187 killowatts/hour till 501 killowatts /hour).The consrtuction budget of water intake is 1.450 ml. roubles. The construction of the HPP was financed in 2004. Works were began in all main generating unit objects (canal Bolshoj Zelenchuk – Khusa-Kardonikskaya /3,4 km/; tunnel Khusa-Kardonikskaya – Marukha /1,211 km/; canal Kardonik – Kubysh /3,73 km/.