The open joint stock company "Bureiskaya HPP" is unique for its dimensions and complexity of waterworks facility system. It includes a dam and six hydraulic units with the installed capacity of 2000 MW. The company’s main activities are generation and distribution of electrical energy. But until the year 2009 the company mainly functions as the engineering supervisor and customer as well.

BogHPP – is the large-scale hydropower construction in the Eastern Sibiria. The completion of this HPP has a great importance for development of Sibirian economic region.

The construction of the social and cultural centre in Blagoveshchensk began in 1977. The building was stopped in 1988 because of pressure for money. The colloquial name of this centre is «Bastilia» and more than 15 years it was the refuge of drug users and homelesses. In 2003 the building was renewed.

The open joint stock company «Bureyagesstroy» will construct the third generating unit and it means finishing of the diversion unit construction along the Bolshoj Zelenchuk River. This process allows to increase the total water intake in the diversion system this HPP from the left tributories of the river Kuban (from 35 m³/second till 80 m³/second) and the averege annual electricity generation level of two active generating units ¹1 and ¹2 (from 187 killowatts/hour till 501 killowatts /hour).

A modern town Talakan (population about 10.000 people) has a developed engineering and social infrastructure, including social and culture objects, engineering services and roads. Construction of engineering works and roads in Amur Region.

The history of the object begins in 1964 with the establishment of the "Zeyagesstroy" department as the general contractor in building the first HPP in the Russian Far East. Open joint stock company "Bureyagesstroy" has caught up the Zeyagesstroy’s superb quality of work and high level of production culture. The Zeya HPP gave its first electric power more than a quarter of a century ago.