House building

A set of social amenities:

- A school building for 576 pupils.

It is expert’s opinion that this school is the most modern school, there is no school of such kind in Russian Far East and all over the country. Two school buildings have been built. There are classes for pupils, gymnasium, dining hall, assembly hall in the first building, a swimming pool and winter garden in the second one.

A swimming pool is a complex hydroengineering construction with a modern water conditioning, ventilation and heating system. A setting of modern equipment was made to hold a high water operation factors in automatic condition. This equipment is lasting, ecological and firm for corrosion. The water pool is equipped with modern water conditioning systems for general and special purposes. Due to capacity of engineering system used by our company there are resources to enlarge active area of water pool.

- Water purifying plant with a carrying capacity 4500 m³ per 24 hours.

At present day you can not find such kind of water purifying plant all over the whole country. Using unique equipment made by English company «Water Systems, Ltd.» is a high degree of purifying. The main reagent guaranteeing disinfection is natrium hypocloride. Water supply circuits are repaired and cleansed. Groups of workers are repairing pavements, borders, footpaths, reconstructing lawns, storm water sewers.