Bureisk HPP

The open joint stock company "Bureiskaya HPP" is unique for its dimensions and complexity of waterworks facility system. It includes a dam and six hydraulic units with the installed capacity of 2000 MW. The company’s main activities are generation and distribution of electrical energy. But until the year 2009 the company mainly functions as the engineering supervisor and customer as well.


Highly skilled workers have come together from all over the country. Part of the Bureya river’s is covered by the weir and will eventually be turned into reservoir (the Bureisk sea) in the future. The Bureisk sea will provide hydraulic units with the pressure necessary for energy generation. 


At full capacity, the BHPP operation will:


  • Provide energy to electricity-deficient regions of the Russian Far East 
  • Increase the reliability of electricity supply and guarantee stable energy level for Integrated Energy System (IES) of the East 
  • Decrease the delivery of organic fuel to regions by several million tons per year 
  • Create a potential for energy export
  • Prevent flooding of the Bureya and Amur river flood-lands


The need for Bureisk HHP aggregates’ operation becomes urgent in the light of increasing tendency for the growth of energy consumption, which started in the spring of 1999. This tendency is especially seen at the Vostok IES and amounts to 10-12% at the average.


Main characteristics and project parameters


Construction time period
First generating unit launch
Class of structures
Generating Capacity
2,000 megawatts
Guaranteed Capacity
605 megawatts
Annual average electricity generation level
7.1 billion kilowatts/hour
Maximum static pressure
112 meters
Full water storage
20.94 cubic kilometers
Net storage volume
10.73 cubic kilometers
Mean flow
866 cubic meters per second
Normal water level
256.0 meters
Maximum operating water level
263,4 meters
Dead water level
236.0 meters
Water surface area (normal water level)
750 square kilometers
Water surface area (dead water level)
400 square kilometers


The Bureisk HPP website: http://www.bureya.ru