Zeya HPP

The history of the object begins in 1964 with the establishment of the "Zeyagesstroy" department as the general contractor in building the first HPP in the Russian Far East. Open joint stock company "Bureyagesstroy" has caught up the Zeyagesstroy’s superb quality of work and high level of production culture. The Zeya HPP gave its first electric power more than a quarter of a century ago. Since then there have been no troubles in operating neither the constructions nor equipment.


The Zeya HPP is the first large-scale station in the Far East of Russia built in the area of severe continental climate with the annual temperature range up to 80° C. The Zeya HPP is unique. For the first time in the world powerful adjustable-blade diagonal-flow turbines have been installed. They were designed in such a way that the blades are not horizontally installed but at 45 degrees to the axis. It allows to start the turbines even at a low level of water in the storage reservoir.


The dam itself is unique in design: it was formed not of monolithic concrete but of hollow concrete buttresses in order to provide the constant temperature regime for a favorable dam’s condition pressure. Considerably fewer building materials were used as compared to a monolithic concrete design. For the first time in the world there was used at the Zeya Hydroelectric Power Stations dam a cavitation-durable concrete with coarse-gravel filling.

A volume of concrete required for the start-up of the Zeya Hydroelectric Power Station came to a half of the designed and the amount of investment — to less than 60% of the Project construction total costs. These figures are very low for the Russian hydropower construction engineering. The Zeya HPP is the complex waterworks facility. Its importance is measured not only in kWhr figures, it also it regulates the level of the Zeya River which prevents downstreams of the Zeya and Amur rivers from flooding.


Old inhabitants of Zeya and Blagoveshchensk cities and riverside villages remember those losses and damages caused by flooding. During downpour seasons in the north, the Zeya River used to burst out and flood hundreds of hectares of fertile lands, meadows, crops and even threatened large cities. The Zeya Hydroelectric Power Plants dam has tamed the wild nature of the Zeya River for good.


Zeisk HPP’s performance characteristics


Overall height of dam
112 m
Crest length
714.2 m
Crest elevation
323.0 m
Number of drain trunks
Width of drain trunks
2900 cubic meters per second
With the head water 315
2900 m
With the head water 317.5
4800 m
With the head water 321.1
8400 m
Reservoir capacity
68.42 cubic kilometers
2419 square kilometers
Number of generating units
Installed capacity
1290 thousand kilowatts
Dam concrete
2067.1 thousand cubic meters
Station unit
106.7 thousand cubic meters


The Zeisk HPP website: http://www.zges.amur.ru/