Talakan Township, Bureisk Area, Amur Region, Russia 676730. Telephone: +7 (416-345) 43-75 E-mail: bgess@bgess.ru

Dear Sirs, Entering our website you get into the life of many thousands of hydro constructors' group. Its history begins in 1964 with the construction of Zeisk hydroelectric power plant (HPP). The joint stock company "Bureyagesstroy" was founded in July 1, 2001 on the basis of the reorganized "Zeyagesstroy" company. "Bureyagesstroy" is the general contractor of the Bureisk HPP (BHPP) construction. In 2003 the first and the second hydroelectric generators were put into operation and in November 2004 - the third one. Hydroelectric generators were launched in Russia for the first time in hydraulic engineering with all auxiliary buildings, constructions and communications in commission  


The open joint stock company "Bureiskaya HPP" is unique for its dimensions and complexity of waterworks facility system. It includes a dam and six hydraulic units with the installed capacity of 2000 MW. The company’s main activities are generation and distribution of electrical energy. But until the year 2009 the company mainly functions as the engineering supervisor and customer as well.

BogHPP – is the large-scale hydropower construction in the Eastern Sibiria. The completion of this HPP has a great importance for development of Sibirian economic region.